Funeral Director

Ian was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1990.
After moving around as an infant, his family settled in Illinois, where Ian attended school from kindergarten through high school. Ian then attended and graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in English. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, Ian then attended Worsham Mortuary School and received his degree in Mortuary Science.

Ian lived in Madison, Wisconsin for a number of years, where he worked as a funeral director apprentice and then as a fully licensed funeral director. It was in Madison where Ian met the love of his life, Lily. Lily and Ian were married in 2019, and enjoy every second of married life. Lily and Ian made the move together to the Hudson, Wisconsin area, where they live with their two cats, Myakkos and Loops. Ian started as a funeral director at O’Connell Family
Funeral Home in 2019, and has enjoyed each and every second.

Being a funeral director is a path in life that has honored Ian and given him a sense of purpose that constantly rewards him, as he figures out what works best for each and every family that walks through the doors of O’Connell Family Funeral Home. Having experienced losses, Ian knows that there is no “usual” type of funeral. Every life is worth remembering. Some people remember and memorialize in different fashions. The aspect of remembering honors our loved ones.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys traveling with Lily, hiking, spoiling their cats, and building and painting model kits.