Cemeteries are a community’s landmark for so many reasons. The obvious need is for a permanent home for our loved ones. But outside of the obvious, a cemetery is so very vital to our well being than simply saying goodbye. Cemeteries are one of the most peaceful settings in a community. During the day, the […]

Honoring all lives lost to overdose

Losing a loved one to addiction and overdose hurts terribly. It leaves us with many questions, but not many answers. However, coming together with family and friends to honor the life of a loved one, share stories and support one another can help us begin the grief journey. O’Connell Family Funeral Homes can gently guide […]

Our grief just got way more complicated

Grief is deep and poignant distress caused by bereavement, something that we have lost or deprived of. Grief is consistent, relentless, unwavering, and unbiased.  It knows no boundaries. It is not afraid to get its grips on you whether you are male or female or young or old. It pays zero attention to race, economic […]

Grief resources & new podcast

  Good Grief Podcast Listen to the latest podcast from Mike O’Connell How funerals and grieving are different during COVID-19, as well as reflective suggestions for grieving families.           Reflective Suggestions for Grieving Families During the COVID-19 Crisis. Download the free PDF resource from Grief Therapist Kelly Grosklags, @CWKHeals  

Coronavirus: Stay safe and healthy

O’Connell Family Funeral Homes are preparing for Coronavirus The Coronavirus has overwhelmingly engrossed our lives. It’s hard to miss it. Wherever you go, it’s the center of the conversation. A few weeks ago we joked about it. People joked that it was merely a hangover from too much Corona. But the humor in it is […]

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