Buy from your local flower shop.

Buy from your local flower shop. When it comes to getting flowers for your loved ones, it seems like ordering online will save you a few bucks. But in the end, you will be more satisfied with flowers purchased from a local flower shop. Time and time again, we see boxes of flowers left outside our doors with wilted flowers inside, or simply a bunch of flowers thrown together not nearly its worth on what was spent.

Two big reasons to buy flowers from your local flower shop:

1) You can see exactly what you are buying.

2) Supporting local businesses gives back to the community. Flower shops routinely give back to the community through many fundraisers and events.

Giving flowers marks a special event in someone’s life; birthdays, valentines, and of course funerals. Get what you are hoping to pay for though a trusted business owner. Don’t be a victim of flowers arriving in poor condition, not what you ordered, arriving late, or not even not arriving at all.

Find your local florist to send flowers to someone special to you!