Cremation: Can You Still Have A Funeral Service?

Cremation and Funeral Service

When a loved one passes away, family members face a lot of tough decisions in regards to their remains. A cremation is a popular option, as it can be less expensive than a traditional service. However, deciding to cremate your deceased loved one does not mean you have to forego a funeral or visitation service. Having a funeral or visitation is appropriate in this situation, and many families decide to make this choice.

In modern society, many people still hold the belief that the purpose of a funeral or viewing service is to view the body before burial, and that choosing cremation means that this option is out of the question. In reality, there are many more options available to families. You can choose to have your loved one’s body cremated after the viewing is over, or you can simply put the urn and ashes on display at a memorial service. This is a choice that must be made by your loved one and their family.

Afterward the viewing, you can choose to bury the ashes just like a casket in a traditional funeral, or the urn can be returned to the family. The remains can also be split between these two options, which gives the family greater choice in how to remember their loved one. ‘Token’ amounts of cremains can be spread at their favorite location, be it at the cabin, favorite park, or at their favorite deer stand.

One of the most important elements regarding cremation is WHO is performing the cremation. O’Connell’s have their OWN on-site crematory. This is critical.  Cremations are performed by the same directors you have entrusted with your loved one for the funeral service. Your loved one NEVER leaves our care. Other funeral homes that offer cremation ‘services’ must bring your loved one to a crematory, usually in the Twin Cities. O’Connell’s, AKA Countryside Crematory, is St. Croix County’s ONLY onsite crematory provider.  

Deciding on cremation is just one part of planning a funeral or memorial service, but for many people, it is the right way to memorialize your lost loved one. For more information on how cremation might be an option for you or your family, contact us.

Written by Mike O’Connell