Debbie Baillargeon

Family Service Assistant

I appreciate the opportunity to support families through O’Connell Funeral Home.

I am blessed with a wonderful family including two sons, Tyler and his wife Nicky, and Zach along with my extended family and friends. I grew up on a family farm and I am grateful for that life. I love nature, dogs, horses and most animals.

My roots are deep serving at First Lutheran Church my entire life. I have grown in my faith journey by teaching, serving and most of all learning how God shows up in my life and others.

I work supporting parents of children with disabilities and mental health needs through my career. My son Zach has autism and he has taught me so much about accepting people for who they are and their abilities.

I enjoy music, concerts, plays, traveling, and sports especially my favorite teams – the Badgers and Packers.

I have learned to believe that in the challenges of life, my faith has grown. I am grateful for working with my fellow servants at O’Connell Funeral Home supporting families. It is an honor to be part of this amazing team.