Emma O’Connell

Funeral Director Assistant & Preplanning Specialist

Emma grew up in Baldwin and graduated in the spring of 2018. Emma attended Stout for a year where she ultimately decided it wasn’t for her and has been searching for her passion since. Looking up to her dad since before she can remember, Emma saw how fulfilling it is to help others especially in a time of grief when they need it the most. She decided to come work with her dad at the funeral home in the fall of 2021. Finding her path and where she fits in best here is now what she’s focused on.

In her spare time Emma likes to travel, go out for dinner and drinks, attend concerts, and loves spending quality time with her friends and family. One of Emma’s favorite places to relax is her family cabin on the lake, it’s peaceful and reminds her of so many family memories she will forever hold. Emma’s sister Tess is her very best friend and they love to go on sister dates as often as they can!