Fern Tomaszewski

Family Service Assistant

Fern grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin and lived in the area until 1968. At that time, she moved her family to River Falls after the marriage to her second husband. She has four grown children whose father was killed in an accident when they were all quite young. River Falls has been her home for the last 54 years.

Her time as a funeral and visitation meeter and greeter started eight years ago with Scott Hill. She continued with O’Connell/Benedict and now with O’Connell Funeral Homes. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Her leisure time is spent playing Bridge and catching up on projects that had been put aside. She likes to knit and have made untold numbers of dishcloths and prayer shawls to give away. Her family and friends expect a loaf of Banana Bread not only for special occasions, but anytime she happens to have a supply on hand.