Our Facilities

The O’Connell Family Funeral Home chapels have been set up to offer a quaint
and open setting for families to remember their loved ones in comfort.

While the buildings in our funeral homes facilities in Hudson, WI and Baldwin, WI locations are set up differently, each one can be customized to suit the family’s needs. Furniture and wall hangings can be moved around and taken down to make room for family memories and personal items that tell the story of the loved one who died.

We encourage family members to bring in items that will spark conversation, trigger memories, and help memorialize their loved one. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to: bringing in deer and fish mounts to hang on the walls; parking a motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, or other vehicles outside (or inside) the chapel; setting up paintings and easels, work stations, tools, sports memorabilia; or any other items that tell a little bit about the life of their loved one. Each funeral home also offers a projection screen and sound system for memorial videos, services, and other presentations, as well as child’s play room for the younger members of your family.

If food is desired for visitations, both funeral homes have kitchenettes and family rooms, as well as the ability to convert the chapels into dining areas for after service receptions. The O’Connell staff can even help you with ordering food – for visitations and receptions – whether it be for all guests or just the family.

We do everything we can to customize our facilities to suit the needs of each family. Our goal is to make our building a home for the night – a place where your family can feel comfortable, relaxed, and in the moment – while being surrounded by those who care.