Heading South for the Winter?

6 proven benefits to document your pre-arrangements before heading south for the winter.

One of the most valuable gifts funeral professionals have to offer families is the ability to facilitate important conversations about final wishes. Planning a funeral – whether it occurs in advance or at the time of need – is a deeply personal experience. More than half of the services we coordinate at O’Connell’s are pre-arranged to various degrees.

Many will record their wishes prior to heading south during the winter, whether for a week or all winter. The process is very simple. It includes a cup of coffee, some light-hearted conversation, and recording your wishes. It will take as little or as long as YOU want. Here are some of the proven benefits that pre-arranging offers:

  1. Individuals who prearrange can make their own decisions about funeral/cremation arrangements.
  2. Advance funeral planning can help prevent conflict between family members.
  3. Prearranging can help relieve loved ones’ financial burdens.
  4. Planning ahead can provide peace of mind that one’s wishes will be carried out.
  5. When advance funeral plans are in place, families are spared from making memorialization decisions during an emotionally difficult time.
  6. When advance funeral plans include pre-funding, it relieves families the burden of having to PAY themselves for your funeral services.

Make the phone call today to speak to one of our pre-arranging specialists. You will be relieved you did and comforted to know the process is very simple!

Written by Mike O’Connell