How We Can Help Those Who Grieve

How We Can Help Those Who Grieve

In this episode, Mike O’Connell and Amber Miller sit down with Pete Waggoner to discuss how one can be of assistance to those who are grieving. They explore the different ways a grieving person may behave and how we as outsiders can help support them through their journey. They also talk about the things one should avoid saying or doing when interacting with a person who just lost a loved one, particularly if the death was sudden or traumatic.

From the words of wisdom that can be shared, to the simple act of just being present, this podcast episode provides valuable tips for those who want to show they care.


  1. Sometimes, giving unsolicited advice and trying to fix the problem is not helpful for those who grieve. It is more important to be present, listen, and offer support in whatever way the grieving person needs it.
  2. People move through their grief at different speeds and in different ways. It is important to be patient and understanding.

In this episode:

[2:25] Host Pete Waggoner starts the discussion by asking Mike and Amber about the important things a supporter or friend should know when helping someone through grief. Amber emphasizes how grief lasts longer beyond the funeral and how important it is for people to realize that the grieving process is different for everyone.

[6:07] The three talk about the importance of mentioning the name of the deceased to the grieving person. They share how important it is to keep the memory of the deceased alive and how saying their name can bring comfort.

[8:31] Pete asks Mike and Amber how they have gotten the wealth of knowledge they have in helping others through grief. The two mention how working closely with the families they serve has helped them gain a deep understanding of the grieving process.

[10:25] Amber talks about honoring the grieving person’s wishes and being honest about what one can offer in terms of support.

[14:13] Amber answers Pete’s question on how one can help a loved one facing imminent death. Mike shares some tips and insights on how one can help a person who is grieving a sudden or traumatic death.


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  1. “Remember that grief lasts for a lot longer than the duration of the funeral.” – Amber Miller
  2. “Sometimes the best medicine for people is just the silent presence. That’s more meaningful (to people) than filling (you know) those painful moments with words.” – Amber Miller

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