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In Memory of Lee Brown

Celebration of Life

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Friday February 18, 2022
O'Connell Family Funeral Home
520 11th Street South
Hudson WI, 54016

Lee Warren Brown, age 74, of Hudson, WI passed away on January 24, 2022 with his wife Christine by his side. He was born in Rush City, MN to Warren Brown and Margaret Randall Brown on November 30, 1947. He grew up in Columbia Heights with his five siblings.  After graduating from Forest Lake High School, Lee served in the United States Army. While in the army, Lee earned his National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Marksman Badge, and his Expert Rifle Badge.


Lee was known for having the best laugh, and a very dry sense of humor. Lee was united in marriage to the love of his life Christine on May 28, 2005. Lee spent his career working as a machinist for General Electric.


Lee will forever remain in the hearts of his wife Christine Brown; son Warren Brown; brother Russell (Patty) Brown; sisters Phyllis Brown, Cathy (Craig) Gervais, Jacky (Frank) Heuckendorf; as well as 7 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. Lee was preceded in death by his son Alan Brown, sister Becky Lockhart, and his parents Warren Brown and Margaret Staniszewski.


A celebration of life will be held on February 18 from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at the O’Connell Family Funeral Home in Hudson, WI.

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    • I’m sad to hear about Lee’s passing. I enjoyed spending time with Lee and especially hearing about his adventures and travels while working for GE . The Man cave was a great place to go when it got loud in the house. It was obvious how much Chris was the love of Lee’s life.May all the good times make you smile Chris. You are in our prayers.

    • My Uncle Lee seemed soft spoken and a man of few words. What I noticed was he was a listener and when he did say something it had weight to it. A lot of care was expressed in such few words. More than the few, but impactful words were his actions. I wish I had more car and motor talk with you Uncle Lee. Thank You for treating my Aunt Chris as great as you did and don’t worry about ‘Big Red’, she’s in good hands.

    • I will always remember Uncle Lee for his intelligence, kind soul and a big heart. And, of course, his ability to make my beloved and oh so fierce Aunt Christ melt (she told me that she’d kill me if I ever shared this observation with anyone, but I think other have realized this by now as well). I first met Uncle Lee when Aunt Chris invited me to say with them for a couple of weeks when I was homeless before one of my research trips to India. I was immediately struck by Uncle Lee’s gentle Buddha-like presence. He was easy to be around–even in silence. He was incredibly observant and I enjoyed talking with him about his vast travels to some of the most remote regions of the world. He had a wonderful ability to grasp the logic of ideas, worldviews, and life-styles that he did and did not share; distinguish fundamental cultural similarities and differences from trivial ones; and mine similarities and between cultures, places, and people that might appear, at first, very different. One great memory I have is of his brief (and sober) description and imitation of mannerisms shared by whiskey drinkers all over the world. It was one of his lighter observations and yet, twenty years later, I still of think of Uncle every time I see someone order and/or sit with whiskey or scotch. I also remember how, upon finding out that I enjoyed steak, he stopped at a specialty butcher on the way home the next day with three perfect AAA ribeye steaks for our dinner…of course, Aunt Chris cooked his more carefully than mine 🙂 Uncle Lee’s sincerity, thoughtfulness, and inclusivity was rare and I’m grateful to have known him and that he was able to have the same sincerity in his soulmate and wife. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Aunt Chris. As I think about you these days, two of my favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes come to mind: “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, and I’ll stay there forever.” And, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Thanks for being such a great Aunt and for picking such a great man to be our Uncle. Love you so much, Aunt Chris, Mandy

    • Lee was always such a kind person, I remember when I was younger me and my dad would go out to Chris and Lee’s to help work on cars or shoot the pellet gun with him and it was so much fun, lots of love to Chris and family

    • Uncle Lee was a great guy, and I’m blessed to have had him in my life! As a college student I didn’t have a lot of money, and I drove an old beater car (geo metro). Lee and Chris helped me keep my car running by letting me come over and use their garage (aka Lee’s man shack) to do vehicle maintenance. I enjoyed coming over and learning tips and tricks from Lee since he was pretty much an auto expert and I knew little about fixing cars. Lee was extremely intelligent, but he could explain technical details in a simple, helpful, and calm manner. Providing insight and advice in a humble way made him approachable and easy to learn from. Plus, it was fun doing car stuff with a cool teacher and cool tools. Being able to put a car up on a hydraulic lift in a climate controlled garage was pretty awesome too! Lee made time in the garage fun by cracking jokes and making small talk. And after working on the car, Chris would always cook me up some food before I left. Since college, every car I’ve had has been up on the lift at Lee and Chris’s for something. With Lee’s help, I’ve been able to change my oil/filter, change most my fluids, replace brakes and rotors, replace shocks and strut assemblies, change a starter, replace an alternator, replace a water pump…and more. As my son Brandon got older, he joined us a few times to work on car stuff in the man shack too.
      Working on cars with me reflected the man Lee was. He was kind, humble, and he cared about others. He was a great guy, and I’m going to miss him, but I’m glad I got the time with him that I did. I’m a better man for it!

    • Lee was such a kind and generous man.Always a kind word and a sly smile.I am so thankful that he and Christine found each other when they did but it makes his loss all the more painful .As always; Christine will move forward .but she will have the knowledge that she gave Lee the same joy that he gave all of us. We are all better people for having him in our lives.

    • Lee has always been very kind to me and my family. My son has been very lucky to have Lee and Chris in his life. I have had only good memories of him. I will cherish our talks and will continue to keep in touch with Chris! This is not goodbye it’s see you later.

    • Lee helped my son, and I will always be grateful! I know that Lee and Jared are ripping a car apart and doing some welding! Jared always gravitated towards kind people and he loved Lee and Chris. Chris, you and Lee were so good to Jared! Thank you for that and realize how blessed you were to have Lee in your life. God bless!

    • So sorry to hear about Lee, he was a very interesting person to talk to learn from. My heart goes out to Chris and his entire family, he will surely be missed.

    • Lee was a good guy. I only have good memories of him. I know he’s kicken back having a smoke right now

    • Chris and family, Sadness fills our hearts knowing Lee has left this earth. He was devoted to you Chris and made you smile. Lee was kind, welcoming and generous. Always greeted us with “How are ya?” My memories are of chatting about life at the kitchen table and the Man shack. Save a place for us all at the table in Heaven Lee.

    • I wish I had more time with you – more time hanging out in the garage, around the fire, at the grill, around the table. I am already missing hearing your stories and sad about all the ones I’ll never got to hear. I keep thinking about the watermelon and trying to replay other trucking and army stories and trying to remember how they went.

      I like thinking about Roll Low bulldozing up to you with Toby galloping shortly behind. I like remembering all the holidays I got to enjoy with you, the summers, living with you guys… You two have been one of the biggest blessings I have had in my life and I am so grateful.

      I love you Uncle Lee. I look forward to quiet moments when you’ll pop in my mind and I’ll get to smile and say a prayer of gratitude for having you in my life.

    • I’m so glad we connected again Chris, as I had the pleasure of meeting Lee. He was such a kind man and always made me feel at home. I know your heart is broken. We wouldn’t have such sadness if we hadn’t known the joy. And Lee was a joy to be around. Hugs and much love being sent your way.
      Jamie Broos

    • If you ever met my sis, Chris, you’d know what a kind, authentic, loving, will not suffer fools individual she is. Lee fit her high standard for a life partner – and then some. He loved cars, bulldogs and Chris and always kept his priorities straight. He helped all of us learn more about the vehicles we drove and taught us to save $100’s of dollars on repair bills by helping us fix our cars and trucks. His love for God, family and country was evident in all he did. When I’d come to visit he made sure that I had a cup of coffee waiting upon rising and would ask me about my life and how things were going. His listening skills were bar none as were his hospitality and personal warmth. He knew how much I enjoyed nut goodies and had a never ending stash for me to snack on when visiting. There is a saying that states still waters run deep. Well..,Lee was a calm, loving, thoughtful still water. He lives on in our hearts and in all the kindnesses he paid forward.

    • Going to miss sitting around the dining room table and listening to Lee’s stories and sipping some Johnny Walker Blue he purchased at the Duty Free shop on one of his work outings. Most of the time we were drinking to overcome our beloved Vikings disappointing us since 1961. Lee wasn’t a big man physically, he just had the biggest heart. Always warm and inviting. Made you feel at home and happy when you were around him. My life is better for have known Lee. RIP Lee.

    • Just found out about this from my brother, I was thinking about Lee this morning before receiving Mark’s message about Lee’s passing. He was a great step-dad to me. Helped me out when I needed cars, several different times, and even gave my oldest son, Josh, one of his cars, years ago. I thought enough of Lee to name Josh after him…Joshua Robert-Lee Rubash. I sure hope he had wonderful years after I last saw him. A patient and caring husband to my mom and a friend to me and my brothers. RIEP Lee. Heartfelt wishes of peace and strength to all who are missing him now. Hope all is well with you and yours uncle Rusty, take good care.

    • To the Families of Lee….Our deepest sympathies are with you all! We as family also, are very saddened by his passing. We certainly had many good memories over the years. Bless you all!

    • Lee was a good step-father to me. A good husband to my mother. I hope he had a great rest of his life, since I last had contact with him. I was thinking about him earlier this morning…remembering the cars he helped me and my son get and care for. I named my oldest after Lee (Joshua Robert-Lee Rubash), he meant that much to me. RIEP Lee. Heartfelt condolences to all who love him. Hope all is well with you and yours
      Uncle Rusty

    • Words that describe Uncle Lee to me: Uncle, Loyal, Kind, Giving, Good, Funny, Caring, Smart, Mechanic, Bulldogs, Dependable, Irreplaceable. Miss you.

    • Lee was pure Love
      When I met my sister’s husband to be I was impressed by his gentle manner and kindness to all, behavior which never waivered throughout his life. Lee’s love of his wife, family and dogs made him a pleasure to be around. I loved Lee’s quick wit and tales of life or the look he would give you across the table if someone said something outlandish, his laugh, his smile. Lee you will be missed, however the imprint you made on us all will live forever dear soul. You are Loved.