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In Memory of Stanley Hale

Stanley Victor Hale, 85, of Hudson, WI, passed away at his home on May 7, 2016, after a short battle with cancer.

Stanley, the son of Sidney and Ada (Hayward) Hale, was born on November 8, 1930, in Walthamstow, London, England. Like many children during WW2, Stanley was evacuated to the countryside to escape the Blitz of London. Part of his time as an evacuee was spent on a farm, which sparked a lifelong love of animals and rural places. After graduating from the Sir George Monoux School, Stanley served in the Royal Air Force. Following his service in the RAF, he lived and worked in Panama, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States. In 1957 Stanley joined 3M, where he travelled the world as a marketing manager. He met his wife, Mary Goens, at 3M, and they married in St. Paul, MN, on June 23, 1967.

Stanley is survived by his wife, Mary; son, John (Dr. Jodi Elliott) Hale; daughter, Ann M. Hale; and children in spirit, Tom and Shelly Koithan.

Per Stanley’s wishes, no services are being held.


“If I should die, think only this of me;

            That there’s some corner of a foreign field

That is for ever England.”

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    • Stanley welcomed me into the fold of family almost 30 years ago and has ever since endeared himself to me. Patient and caring, he was a champion of family and a pillar of strength and wisdom. Distance may have kept our families apart physically but his regular email banter kept our wits alive, tickled our sense of humour and kept the family connected. He remains loved for it. He will be sorely missed but kept alive in our hearts. God bless you Stanley.

    • When I was growing up in England, my favourite uncle, Stanley, was a slightly larger than life character who had led an adventurous existence before settling down in America. I looked forward to his visits and letters, when he would share stories of his experiences with me. His Christmas gifts were usually a highlight of the season. I still have the atlas that he gave me in 1967.

      Later, in my adult years, we communicated regularly via email. In addition to swapping jokes, he gave helpful advice when asked. His positive attitude moderated with a healthy scepticism towards authority became incorporated into my own world view. A piece of him continues to live on within me. He will be dearly missed.

    • Stanley’s world-wide reach under the aegis of 3M brought us together, first in a formal working relationship soon developing into a warm and lasting friendship, also involving Mary and my wife, Jane.
      As 3M pensioners our contact continued. Hilariously we exchanged digital barbs across the Atlantic, sometimes daily, he the true-blue British monarchist, I the emerald-green Irish republican. Alas, it’s over, but surely Time will also ease the sense of loss, especially for Mary and her family to whom we extend the comfort of condolence.

    • We have know Stanley and Mary for about 25 years. It all started at 3M when Stanley was transferred into our department. He was truly an English gentleman. He and I traveled together extensively to Columbus, Ohio and occasionally to the U.K. We would walk thru the streets in the evening and he would tell me stories of the Panama Canal and the U.K. during the war. We’ve known Hale’s as a couple for years and have very much enjoyed their company.
      It is sad to think of Stanley being gone and Mary being alone. Mary is a strong woman and we are confident that she will carry on just fine. We will definitely miss him.
      Chuck & Marcia Metz