Paths to Peace Grief Support Group

“Grieving is as natural as crying when you are hurt, sleeping when you are tired, or eating when you are hungry… It is nature’s way of healing a broken heart.”
~Doug Manning

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The death of someone we love changes our lives forever. And the movement from the “before” to the “after” is almost always a long, painful journey. Although grief cannot be structured into a set pattern, it is a natural process that is built within us to help us deal with our losses. Understanding the process and allowing it to happen are two important keys for navigating this path.
Please consider joining us…Paths to Peace Grief Support Group offers a caring environment and helpful strategies for taking a few more steps toward healing our broken hearts. This support group is facilitated by Kathleen Helgeson, MA CFLE, in partnership with the O’Connell Family Funeral Homes.

Session Topics

Monday, September 26 An Important Death Has Occurred
Tuesday, October 4 You are Not Crazy
Tuesday, October 11 Exploring Your Feelings of Loss
Tuesday, October 18 Exploring Needs of Mourning
Tuesday, October 25 Exploring Needs of Mourning (Part 2)
Tuesday, November 1 Adjusting to a New Sense of Self
Tuesday, November 8 Receiving Ongoing Support from Others
Tuesday, November 15 Finding Meaningfulness and Hope


All sessions held on Tuesdays except the first session is on a Monday.
BALDWIN 11:00 am • 1010 Newton Street, Baldwin, WI
RIVER FALLS 2:00 pm • 225 South 3rd Street, River Falls, WI
HUDSON 5:30 pm • 520 11th Street South, Hudson, WI

Kathleen is experienced in meeting the needs of families during their time of loss by creating funeral services reflecting the personality and life-style of the loved one who has died. Kathleen believes compassionate support and education about healthy coping strategies can assist grieving family members and friends manage feelings related to their losses and honor memories of loved ones so missed. Paths to Peace Grief Support Group offers a safe and healthy place
of caring for the bereaved walking the grieving path.

Kathleen Helgeson, MA, CFLE
Paths to Peace Grief Support Group CrossBridge Family Solutions

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