Kathleen Helgeson

Certified Funeral Celebrant

Trained and experienced as a Certified Funeral Celebrant, Kathleen Helgeson, MA, CFLE, considers it a privilege to support grieving families by creating services that are individualized to reflect the personality and life-style of their loved one who has died. In partnership with our caring staff, meeting with family members, listening to their hearts and their memories is an important part of the planning process for creating a meaningful service. She believes that each service should be specifically tailored to honor how distinctly unique the life lived and the gifts given by the loved one we remember.

Kathleen feels incredibly blessed to have affiliated since 2010 with our compassionate professionals dedicated to providing funeral, memorial, tribute or prayer services. She also regularly partners with us in a continuum of caring we provide for grieving community members by facilitating Paths to Peace Grief Support Groups in both the Hudson and Baldwin communities.

In her private practice, CrossBridge Family Solutions, LLC, Kathleen supports grieving individuals and families utilizing Companioning and Coaching models of grief-work care. She holds a BS in Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy, and an MA in Family Life Education with an emphasis on Bereavement and Spiritual Care. Kathleen understands that it takes time and processing our many emotions, thoughts, and experiences to restore a sense of wholeness again after the loss of someone we love, and she tailors grief-work care to meet individualized needs of each person and family with whom she walks. 

Kathleen knows spending time with her husband, kids, and grandkids is the sweet-stuff of life. She takes great pleasure in creating home-cooked dinners for family and friends, is an avid reader, enjoys walking and hiking, and a favorite treat for her is adventuring and traveling with her best-friend husband.