Honor your loved one by capturing what is unique about them.

Custom tribute

Customize a fitting tribute that reflects the life and passions of your loved one.

Tell their story

At O’Connell’s, we encourage the families we serve to tell the story of their loved one in any way possible.

Helping anyway we can

Anyone who has come through our doors for a visitation or a service can attest to the dedication we have in making that happen. 

Regardless of the type of service – traditional, cremation, memorial, etc.
we will do everything we can to make it memorable and special.

Make the services as special & unique as your loved one

At O’Connell’s, we help plan a funeral, memorial service, or gathering that reflects your family’s wishes, and honors and captures the spirit of the person who was so special to you. We are honored to guide you during this difficult time.


Samples of personalizationHow this can help
Memorial Photos (DVD or picture boards)Spark memories and start conversations among attendees.
Casket that attendees can signIt can be helpful for some people to write things down about their loved ones that they want to express or share with the family.
Clothing, sports equipment, military uniforms etc. to displayThe things that had meaning to your loved one will also give meaning to the people who attend the service.
Parking a car, boat, snowmobile, camper, motorcycle, or other vehicle by our entranceThis can provide comfort to those who attend by seeing objects that were near and dear to their loved one.
Balloon, dove, or a butterfly release at the graveside serviceThis can be a way to release emotion into an object and feel a part of the service.
Special food for the reception or visitation – “Grandpa loved homemade spaghetti”The smell of certain foods can trigger fond memories of your loved ones which can provide great comfort.
Custom floral arrangementsPeace can come from the sight or smell of flowers.

Let our staff provide a helping hand.



If you are looking for other ideas, the O’Connell staff will be able to help you and share their own experiences and thoughts regarding visitations and services.


There may be times when transporting items for display may be difficult due to size or weight. Our staff is willing to help coordinate transport or even provide a helping hand to get those items to the funeral home and back to your home safely.


If you are unsure if bringing something in is appropriate, please ask. We will do everything we can to accommodate and make it work.

We believe in remembering our loved ones the right way – your way!

At OCFH we know that you want to honor your loved one and need to plan a funeral. We know it’s difficult to think about planning a funeral in such a short time period, especially while you are experiencing such a rollercoaster of emotions. You ought to be able to create peace of mind. We are very sorry for the loss of your loved one. We take time with each family we serve to get to know their loved one, so that we can help them plan a fitting tribute to someone special in their life.


We are honored that you are choosing O'Connell family funeral home to guide your family through the details. We have found that affirmations help people who are grieving, so please take a moment to sign up to receive a little peace of mind to your inbox each week as a way to honor and think about your loved one in positive ways.