Helpful advice for grieving during the Holiday season

Holidays are filled with traditions, but when someone you used to share those moments with has died, managing grief during the holiday season can be particularly challenging. Mental and physical preparation are your best tools for managing the feelings that may accompany holidays. While family members, particularly children, may want things to be as they’ve […]

How did they die?

What happened?

Imagine you’ve just gotten an important phone call from a friend that one of your favorite coworkers just died. You’re in disbelief. You just talked to them! What happened?? No one seems to know. It is a heartbreaking situation, and you don’t want to sound insensitive, but you want to know what happened. You check […]

4 reasons to pre-arrange a funeral

O’Connell Family Funeral Homes knows families have the best intentions when having to plan a funeral, but sometimes people have different opinions on what they think their loved ones might have wanted – thus causing conflict. Intense emotions, personality conflicts, and financial pressures to pay for services can bring additional stressors. Pre-arranging your funeral assures […]

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