Debunking Myths on Embalming & Cremation

Body Donation Misconceptions

In this episode, Amber and Pete dive into the topic of body and organ donation, debunking myths and addressing common concerns. They begin by highlighting the importance of discussing donation throughout the year. Pete raises the misconception about open caskets for organ donors, questioning whether they are allowed. 

They also tackle the myth surrounding autopsies and how funerals look like when the deceased has chosen to donate their body to science. Amber explains the typical funeral process in such cases and emphasizes the value of body donations to professionals in various fields, especially medicine. Lastly, they discuss how tissue and organ donation can impact the appearance of the deceased, addressing concerns often expressed by families. 

By dispelling myths and sharing insights, Amber and Pete provide a comprehensive understanding of the donation process and its implications for funeral arrangements.


  1. Body and organ donation is an important topic that should be talked about.
  2. Body donations make significant contributions not just to the field of medicine but also to different professions such as those involved in the embalming process.

    In this episode:

    [2:07] Amber talks about April as the National Donate Life Month and explains the importance of talking about body and organ donation year-round. Pete starts the discussion on myths by asking if organ donors are not allowed to have open caskets in their funeral.

    [06:53] The duo talk about the myth on autopsies and whether they are conducted for free when requested by the family of a deceased who donated their body. 

    [10:56] Pete asks Amber what funerals look like when the deceased had decided to donate their body to science. Amber explains how the funeral process usually goes and how valuable these body donations are to the professionals in their field and in medicine. 

    [14:09] Pete and Amber discuss tissue and organ donation and how it may alter the appearance which is often a major concern for the family of the deceased.


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    1. “The month of April is really important to talk about the importance of donating…but I think it’s important to talk about it (all) year-round.”  – Amber Miller

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