Cemeteries are a community’s landmark for so many reasons.

The obvious need is for a permanent home for our loved ones. But outside of the obvious, a cemetery is so very vital to our well being than simply saying goodbye. Cemeteries are one of the most peaceful settings in a community. During the day, the birds will keep you company, the wind rustling through the tree branches as a jet overhead quietly passes by. At night, the crickets and frogs will render their favorite song as the stars shine brightly overhead. Cemeteries are the perfect arena to be kind to yourself and simply reflect on life’s experiences, both good and bad. Cemeteries don’t judge, they just listen and offer true tranquility for our high-speed life. They help ground us!

A walk through history

Cemeteries give us a wonderful opportunity to visit our past. Walking through a cemetery gives an insight into its heritage, history, and culture. Algae, lichens, and moss adorn aged monuments. More importantly, they represent a life and a story lived. They give us an insight into our past, our relatives, and our ancestry. Gravestones and memorials also shed light on our future. By their nature, they give us a space to understand the significance of our loss, to visualize the scope of our injury, and help create a healing appreciation of acceptance. Simply put, there is no replacing the meaning that a cemetery can bring. Your life mattered, your life had purpose, and your story needs to be told. Your family needs a place to visit.

A lasting memorial of a life lived

Cemetery gravestones, memorials, monuments, headstones or markers tell us a life was lived. They are typically crafted from granite, although a few are made from marble and bronze. Granite comes from the earth and has hues of browns, blues, reds, greens, grays, and black. They can be upright ‘monuments’ with different shapes such as hearts, trees, scrolling paper, and crosses. They also can be very simple flat markers and are flush with the ground. There are also varieties in the middle such as slants and bevels. The craftsmanship of constructing a monument can include embossed designs carved from hand tools to the fine artist etching that makes it appear you are looking at a picture. The artisanship in creating a lasting memorial at a cemetery helps display a life was lived and its legacy lies here.

A fitting monument

The staff at O’Connell Family Funeral Home will assist you in artistically creating a fitting monument and capturing the essence of your loved one, while at the same time staying within your financial means. All options will be visited, all ideas explored and a carefully thought out memorial will be designed!

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