Heartwarming Ways to Honor Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Heartwarming Ways to Honor Your Mom This Mother's Day

In this episode, host Pete Waggoner and O’Connell Family Funeral Homes’ Amber Miller discuss the importance of remembering and honoring moms on Mother’s Day. They highlight the various ways people can pay tribute to their mothers–from setting up an altar in their homes to participating in charity works or doing acts of kindness. They also explore the role of grief and loss in Mother’s Day celebrations and how these can be a good way to build on the legacy and traditions created by the deceased. 

Ultimately, the episode emphasizes the significance of showing love and appreciation to our mothers who left us with cherished memories and a lasting legacy this Mother’s Day. 


  1. Remembering and honoring our moms on Mother’s Day can be a healing experience, especially for those who have just recently lost their mothers or who are struggling with the grief of their absence.
  2. Building on the legacy left by our deceased loved ones can be a meaningful way to continue their memory and honor their impact on our lives.

In this episode:

[1:42] Pete and Amber open the discussion by talking about the things one should be aware of when honoring their moms on Mother’s Day. They discuss how being proactive and prepared and seeking companionship can help make grief triggers more manageable.

[3:54] Amber and Pete explore the different ways people can remember and celebrate their moms, such as writing a letter, buying flowers, and preparing their mother’s favorite meals for the family to enjoy together.

[10:13] Pete shares how his mother enjoyed doing volunteer work and supporting different causes. Amber talks about how doing acts of kindness or participating in charitable activities in honor of our mothers can be a meaningful way to continue their legacy and honor their values.

[13:24] Amber mentions how they get many questions about Mother’s Day celebrations during the month and how O’Connell Funeral Homes strive to become a good resource for everyone in the community.


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  1. “The greatest tip of the cap to one’s legacy is to continue on the things that they started–but it’s also to build on it too.”Pete Waggoner
  2. “Making new traditions too is important if creating the outstanding traditions is stressful.”Amber Miller
  3. “We want to be a good resource to everyone in the community…a safe haven for them to come to for their questions.”Amber Miller

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