Hospice care and end of life decisions with Kate Garza, a social worker at Moments Hospice

Listen to our latest Good Grief podcast where we talk to our guest Kate Garza, social worker at Moments Hospice, about the specifics regarding hospice care.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

12 questions for the holidays (free PDF):

5-days of grief & the holidays (free meditation video series):

Moments Hospice – (763)-205-3600

Moments Hospice serves the Minnesota and Wisconsin river areas, with a team in the area with over 130 years of healthcare experience collectively including over 48 years in Hospice. Their Medical Directors in the area are Dr. Mark Stannard and Dr. Matthew Beeson of Hudson Physicians Group. The team at Moments Hospice is focused on Changing the Hospice Experience, One Moment at Time, hoping to bring joy and comfort to patients, their families and the communities they serve.

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