How Cemeteries Make Resting in Peace Possible


In this episode of The Good Grief podcast, Mike O’Connell and Amber Miller get into cemeteries’ important role in providing a final resting place for people’s loved ones. They discuss the process of creating these final resting places, from deciding on the type of burial to personalizing the space to create a meaningful and lasting tribute. They also dive into the details of securing a cemetery plot and what one can expect when visiting a loved one’s final resting place. This episode provides listeners with an informative and compassionate look at the role of cemeteries in the grieving process.


  1. One’s final resting place can be beneficial for the loved ones they have left behind, providing a space for grief and healing.
  2. Cemeteries aren’t just about providing a space for the deceased, but also about memorializing and honoring them.

In this episode:

[2:29] Host Pete Waggoner asks about the importance of cemeteries given the rise of other forms of memorialization, such as keeping the cremated remains at home. Mike O’Connell shares about his personal experience of finding peace and an opportunity to memorialize his loved ones at cemeteries and talks about the role that these spaces play in the grieving and healing journey.

[5:49] Amber Miller talks about how finding peace in the daily hustle and bustle of life can be a challenge. She shares how the peace and solace that cemeteries offer is something that can be beneficial for people who are grieving or simply looking for a moment of respite.

[10:33] Pete asks Mike O’Connell about the differences between columbarium, crypts, and other types of burial options available these days

[15:30] Amber talks about the different ways people can personalize their loved ones’ markers and monuments, and how churches and cemeteries have different rules about what kind of items are allowed.

[22:48] Mike and Amber get into the details of what people can leave on their loved one’s resting place such as wind chimes, trinkets, and plant stands. Mike also mentions how there are cemetery flower companies nowadays that even help with the upkeep of fresh flowers on the site.


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    1. “It’s a place we go to memorialize.” -Mike O’Connell on cemeteries
    2. “Once you do something it’s permanent. So give it thought, make sure it’s meaningful.” -Mike O’Connell

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