Local Resources to Help With the Grief Journey

Local Resources to Help With the Grief Journey

In this episode of Good Grief, Amber Miller and Pete Waggoner discuss local resources that can help those going through a difficult period of grief. Amber shares her knowledge and expertise on various types of resources such as counseling, support groups, and online platforms that can provide comfort and understanding during a time of loss. 

Pete puts emphasis on the importance of breathing exercises and caring for one’s mind as a tool for coping with grief. The two talk about different ways to approach the healing process, such as doing volunteer work and getting involved in the community. They also encourage listeners to reach out for help if needed and provide resources that they may find in their local area.

Whether you are looking for guidance, comfort, or just someone to talk to, this episode of Good Grief will offer helpful and reliable advice.


  1. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to grief, and everyone may need different types of support.
  2. Helping others can be a powerful way to cope with grief.

In this episode:

[0:45] Amber provides an overview of the resources available for grieving families and those whose friends are going through the process. She also enumerates the four things every grieving person must take into consideration: the mind, the body, the spirit, and the community.

[6:19] Pete highlights the importance of breathing exercises which can be a great source of inner calm and peace. The two talk about the different ways one can care for their mind other than therapy such as journaling.

[12:45] Amber discusses how doing volunteer work and forming bonds within the community can help with the healing process. Pete adds how the simple act of laughing with friends and fellow community members can be therapeutic.

[14:41] Pete and Amber share different resources and tips for those who have friends who are going through grief. From sending small tokens such as a plant, framed pictures, meals, and gift cards to simply showing up—they outline the many ways one can provide support.


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  1. “People form a sense of bond with someone else and then that gives them (maybe) the courage to do something different that they normally wouldn’t have done in the past.” Amber Miller on doing volunteer work in the community as a way of coping with grief

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