Trees donated to Willow River Cemetery

Their memories live on! Kaila Fouks, the beloved daughter of Gary and Nancy Fouks of Hudson, died tragically in 2015 as a result of an auto accident. Kaila’s free spirit, infectious smile, and sweet nature touched the lives of those around her. She loved the outdoors and was active with animals and nature.

Her grave is nestled against the backdrop of the woods and is adorned by many beautiful flowers at Willow River Cemetery. To honor her zest for life, Kaila’s family thought it only right to plant a tree in her memory at the cemetery. But it doesn’t stop there.

The donation of the trees began with Taylor Page of Northwood Caskets Company of Wisconsin. Taylor wanted to have a tree planted in Hudson honoring Tom O’Connell of O’Connell Family Funeral Homes.

*Pictured: Mike Miller, Nancy Fouks, Gary Fouks, Mike O’Connell, Taylor Page, Gail Venburg, Norma McDermott

Northwoods caskets, which we use at O’Connell’s, are handcrafted in Wisconsin by the hands of local craftsmen and women. They use only local lumber sources that follow sustainable forestry practices. 

For every casket made, they turn around and plant 100 trees in Wisconsin Forests!

Taylor thought it fitting to pay tribute to Tom by planting a tree in one of Tom’s most revered places, a cemetery. So together, Kaila’s and Tom’s memories live on!

Mike Miller, caretaker of Willow River Cemetery, but more importantly friends of both families, loved the idea to remember Kaila and Tom. “The cemetery is sacred ground for many people and its so rewarding to have families donate and give back to the cemetery.”

Kaila Fouks
Tom O’Connell

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