Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Remembering your mom on Mother’s Day can be a moment of great joy and much appreciation. But it can also be a moment of intense sadness if you can’t share this day with your mom. 

May is a time of warmer weather, plants emerging from their hiding place, the smell of lilacs, as well as the sound of birds calling out to each other. It also marks a special day for one of the most remarkable people in our lives, our mom! 

As we look back at how our mom shaped our lives, it shows how essential the role of a mom plays in our everyday life. They guide us, teach us, and nurture us as we grow. It is most evident of the depth of love we have for our moms when we have to say goodbye to them at their death. After all, there is still that little child in us that wants our mom’s love and attention while craving for her affection. 

As adults, who have said goodbye to our moms, we quickly try to ‘move on’ and put this loss in the past. We don’t want to dwell in the past and cling on to cliches like “she’s in a better place” or “she would not want us to be sad for her.” There is undoubtedly a difference between healthy remembrances versus sulking in our grief. Giving yourself some time to reflect on your mom on Mother’s Day is not only very beneficial to your health, but it can also fill your day with happiness and joy! 

Here is a list of 11 heartfelt ways to remember your mom this Mother’s Day!

  1. Be true to yourself and be intentional. If you feel emotion, let it be. Embrace it and allow the rest of the day to be filled with fond memories.  
  2. If she is buried at a cemetery, stop and have a quiet moment to reflect. You may be amazed at how peaceful it is! Bring her favorite flowers to remember her by.
  3. Have a picnic with your family or friends, celebrating the blessings your mom bestowed on you. Have her favorite foods to celebrate. If the kids are coming, let them be kids. Who cares if they make a mess, grandma loved their antics and playfulness!
  4. Find that box we all tuck away in the closet and go through pictures. Reminisce and share stories. Photos are even more enjoyable if there are grandchildren around. Tell your mom’s story!
  5. Write your mom a note or dedicate time in your journal, letting her know how you feel without her. Sharing our feelings is often difficult. We feel vulnerable and worry we may get emotional in front of others. It is so important to show our emotions and necessary to heal. But if we cannot share our feelings with others, sometimes simply writing them out will let you see your feelings in front of you. 
  6. Find her recipe book! Make something she loved to cook or bake! Better yet, invite others to cook and bake. Sharing these moments can be highly fulfilling. Our loved ones live on through actions like these! Besides, the smells of her recipes will bring back all sorts of good memories and feelings. 
  7. Did she love Big Band, the Rat Pack, Country, or classical music? Turn it up as background as you celebrate this day. 
  8. Did she love birds? Did she make sure they were always fed? Buy a bird feeder or add to your current feeders with a new fun bird feeder. 
  9. If you are a spiritual person, have flowers sent to the church to remember her this Mother’s Day. Otherwise, find a quiet part of the house, light a candle, and give yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet remembering your mom.
  10. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is volunteering. Giving back does something inside our soul that is hard to describe. Visit a nursing home and ask to visit with an elderly female who could use a visitor.
  11. Did she like to garden or do you? Visit your favorite greenhouse and buy some vibrant annuals to give your garden some pizazz. If you don’t have a garden, treat yourself to a gift basket from your local flower shop. 


Please comment and let us know if you found this list to be helpful this Mother’s Day, or if you have any to add.

Article written by Mike O’Connell

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