We are not very religious and just want to be cremated. What do we do now?

Funerals and cremation.
Funerals and cremation have changed tremendously in the past 10 years. Most of the changes have come as a result of families not wanting the “traditional ritualistic” funeral. Families want to make their loved ones funeral personal. The O’Connell Family Funeral Home staff has played an integral role in this evolution and has brought personalization front and forward. 

You’re at the center of our mission.
If it is healing and meaningful, we will do everything in our capability to integrate it into the celebration of life. If “Spirit In The Sky” is preferred over “Amazing Grace”, or a video photo montage is more valuable than an open casket, then we need to incorporate these.

How we are different.

  1. To better serve your needs, we built a Crematory nearly 15 years ago and help the National Funeral Directors Association grassroots effort to personalize funerals and cremation Celebration Of Life services.

  2. We listen patiently to the family‘s wishes. Together create a healing tribute that recognizes the unique personalization items that brings life to the service while addressing the sensitive components of grief.

  3. Our expert staff delicately offers both personal and professional guidance to our families.

So, if you’re question is “We are not very religious and just want to do cremation. What do we do now?”, please don’t worry, our staff will sit down with you and find an incredibly meaningful sendoff. It’s what we do best!!

See examples of how we have captured the spirit of the person who was so special to you.