What age should you plan your funeral?

We get it. Planning your funeral may seem morbid or unnecessary, especially if you’re not facing any significant health problems, are young in age, or young at heart. Planning is not about age, it’s about emotions. It helps create a process to your achieved goal; your funeral or memorial gathering.

Your preferences may seem like awkward dinner conversation or an uncomfortable mood killer, however, it’s something that can bring families together, no matter your age.It is always wise to share your desired funeral wishes with loved ones. Your best kept intentions will mean nothing if no one knows what they are!

At O’Connell Family Funeral Homes, we take great pride in crafting a unique and personalized celebration that captures the lives of your loved ones.

Although it may seem like a difficult topic, pre-planning your funeral can help your family through this process in a myriad of ways:

  1. Relieve financial stress. Many family members feel pressured in planning a loved one’s arrangements. What would they like? What don’t they want? Would they let my kids say goodbye one last time if they care about being cremated? Where do they want to be buried? Clarifying your wishes will eliminate the myriad of choices your loved ones will have to make in guessing what you would want. This will help eliminate making decisions based on emotions versus facts leading to unnecessary spending.
  2. Ease the planning burden. Navigating funeral arrangements in the midst of grief can be incredibly difficult. Planning before a loss can relieve some of the pressure of the responsibility. Following our loved ones’ guidance creates a feeling of peace and relief.
  3. Perfectly match your celebration to you. Your funeral can be filled with your favorite songs, colors, and traditions. Share with your family what you want the day to look like so that they can enjoy it, knowing how much it would’ve meant to you. Want everyone to wear their favorite jersey, pass out wildflower seed packets, or dish out your favorite root beer floats? Let’s have them walk away with a smile knowing we captured your essence perfectly!

It’s Time to Plan the Funds and Fun of Your Funeral. Contact O’Connell Funeral Homes to begin your pre-planning process today.

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