The Truths and Lies About Funeral Myths With Mike O’Connell & Amber Miller

Funeral Myths

In this light yet intriguing episode, host Pete Waggoner along with Mike O’Connell and Amber Miller explore some of the most popular funeral myths out there. They dispel different notions about embalming and funeral processes while sharing their own encounters that reflect the realities of the funeral industry. Mike and Amber also get into the […]

How Preplanning Your Funeral Can Benefit You and Your Family

In this episode hosted by Pete Waggoner, Mike O’Connell and Amber Miller discuss the process of preplanning one’s funeral and its multiple benefits. They go in-depth about the different aspects of funeral preplanning, from the finances to how the actual meetings are done with family members. They also talk about how death and grief can […]

A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director

day in the life of funeral director

What does it take to be a funeral director? There is no other job like a funeral director. In celebration of National Funeral Director and Morticians Recognition Day on March 11th, we would like to honor what funeral directors do for us. You don’t want just anyone to care for your loved one when they […]

The Final Say – Writing Your Own Obituary

Today, it’s not unusual for obituaries to go viral. The reasons are often the tone (poignant to acerbic), length (War & Peace-type tomes to extreme brevity), or content (move-you-to-tears recollections to the airing of family grievances). Which begs the question: who is responsible for penning the sensational piece? Was it the deceased themselves or a […]

Don’t make these funeral pre-planning mistakes

With O’Connell Family Funeral Homes, pre-planning your funeral is simple, easy, and personal. The process, which may seem slightly morbid, can actually be a great way to grow together as a family and put together a beautiful celebration. However, as you approach the pre-planning process, there are a few things you may want to avoid. […]

Words that capture your loved one

Nobody wants to think about writing an obituary for a loved one, especially in the midst of grief. O’Connell Family Funeral Homes seeks to help our clients celebrate their loved ones in a way that assists with healing and honors their loved one’s precious life. Here are some of our best tips for easing this […]

What age should you plan your funeral?

We get it. Planning your funeral may seem morbid or unnecessary, especially if you’re not facing any significant health problems, are young in age, or young at heart. Planning is not about age, it’s about emotions. It helps create a process to your achieved goal; your funeral or memorial gathering. Your preferences may seem like awkward […]

Put the “you” in eulogy – write your own!

Yes, you read that title right. While writing your own eulogy may seem, at best, slightly pessimistic and, at worst, slightly narcissistic, it’s actually a really good idea. Although we all hope that we have many more days ahead of us, tragedies happen. Writing your own eulogy can help you reflect on your life and […]

Pre-planning a funeral: what to know

Many people approach the subject of funeral pre-planning with hesitation and apprehension. Raising the topic of your own death or that of a loved one can be extremely uncomfortable. While it’s tempting to put off funeral planning until it’s absolutely necessary, doing so early is a wonderful opportunity to relieve future stress from your loved […]

2019, a year to remember and what’s up for 2020

As I wrap up the year at O’Connell’s, it brings so many feelings, both positive and those not so positive. First, I will be forever amazed at the love and genuine support of the community.  March 2, my life changed as my mentor, idol, and Dad died. He was given a righteous send off, thanks […]