5 Star Google Review

We recently pre-arranged our funerals with O’Connell funeral home. We were very pleased and found the process easier than we imagined.
Everyone at O’Connells was compassionate, understanding and helpful in answering all our questions. It’s very comforting to know that our final wishes are well taken care of.


Growing up I was terrified of “undertakers” and hated everything about death and funerals. You and your employees (family) have helped change that for me. Thank you for your gentleness and the respect you how and your ability to bring calm to difficult situations. I will never forget how you handled our mother when she nearly fell apart at the funeral. You make a difference and God is using you. I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated & loved.


The thought of talking about my own death and the choices I had to make seemed overwhelming.

I made the decision to pre-arrange, because I knew that this would alleviate burden and stress on my family when I pass. I chose OCFH because they are the best & my daughter knows them & the location.

I feel satisfied knowing that my funeral will be just how I want and I was able to alleviate the financial stress and pay in advance.


My mother basically had to arrange my dad’s funeral alone. She saw that her 5 kids were in no shape to help her make decisions.

Mom wanted to make her arrangements as easy as possible and not have her five kids worry about expenses.

Personally, having mom’s wishes about certain things was comforting. It made it easier to help my brothers and sisters through this time.
Mom wouldn’t have gone any other place, we trust your family! OCFH gets an A++


“When dad’s health continued to decline, my parents decided it was time to move forward with pre-arranging. My dad was reluctant because it meant admitting that he wasn’t getting better. But after the process, he seemed more at peace with the arrangements made. We felt financial and emotional relief when dad passed. There were fewer decisions to be made during a difficult time. We felt O’Connell was excellent…respectful, honest, direct, with quality Funeral home surroundings.”


We had a family member pass away unexpectedly. Not being from the area, I was referred to O’Connell’s by a friend. Mike O’Connell and his team did a wonderful job for us – they were extremely accommodating and helped us put together a slideshow for the visitation and allowed us to setup the visitation space with all kinds of personal items from my brother.
I would highly recommend them.


They were professional about handling everything. They also make you laugh to help lighten your mood which made the process easier. Everything was perfect. The funeral was comforting and handled exceptionally.


The O’Connell Family Funeral Home has been comforting grieving families for many years. I highly recommend using their services. They know how to guide families through very difficult times. Mike O’Connell and his wonderful staff really do care and it shows throughout the whole process.


O’Connell took care of my Dad, my uncle, and two other relatives in the past 6 months. No one wants to deal with this, but they made the whole thing easier. Even remembering each of my siblings by name by the time we were at my uncles’ service. They put on an awesome event around the holidays about remembering the one you lost. All I can say is I hope I don’t have to interact with them again any time soon. But if I do, they are the most caring company to help a family through this.


Mike and his team handled my dad’s services with great care. O’Connell went above and beyond to recognize his time as a firefighter by arranging a truck to ring the final call, and his time as a Marine by having the Patriot Guard present, and a gun salute with Taps at his grave.

Mike and everyone involved at O’Connell became a part of our family throughout this experience, taking care to be sure all needs were met.


I can not express enough, my sincere gratitude for Mike O’Connell and staff. I had definitely reached a sad point of my life when my husband passed away. From the moment they showed up at my house I felt at ease. Their gracefulness and respect for our family was amazing. Mike was helpful and understand to our situation of planning a funeral with a blended family. He helped me to laugh, cry and put my mind at rest.

I could have never imaged a better experience to plan a funeral for my husband and to lay him to rest in peace. I am so incredibly thankful I choose O’Connell’s Funeral Home for our needs. Mike and the staff will hold a very special place in my heart.


“We recently pre-arranged our funerals with O’Connell funeral home. We were very pleased and found the process easier than we imagined. Everyone at O’Connells was compassionate, understanding, and helpful in answering all our questions. It’s very comforting to know that our final wishes are well taken care of.”

Renate OBrien

“People are really helpful and easy to work with. They made a difficult time much easier to deal with. Thanks for all you do!”

Nicole Stenger

“My experience with O’Connell Family Funeral Home goes back 20 years! The staff is professional, compassionate, kind, loving, honest, respectful, attentive to detail in every aspect of of the funeral process. This in itself is a difficult business……they are top notch, and have exceeded expectations and beyond. The staff soon becomes family as they treat each of “their” families with individual care.”…”They truly are compassionate about what they do, and how they treat people. Hard to find this kind of service in any kind of industry.”
Jamie McCulloch

“The compassion, empathy, kindness, and willingness to go above and beyond for my family in a very difficult time was such a BLESSING to us in our time of need and direction. Thank you to your staff including your own family, for the tenderness and light you shown us. Dawn Parker and family – Prescott, WI”

– Deb Ryan

“I can’t express how wonderful we were treated. The kindness and understanding  was so real and heartfelt! No detail was missed or underplayed.  Every detail was as important as the next. My mother was well taken care… She looked wonderfully beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Special care was taken to see that she looked her best!”

– Renee Watters