Funerals are a stressful and draining time for families.
We hope that with the help of Finnegan, we can bring some comfort to grieving families. 

How Finnegan can help families:


He can provide comfort.

Boost your mood

He can boost your overall mental and physical health.

Relieve stress

Petting, or simply being around him can lower stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meet Finnegan

The English Setter breed was established in the late 1800's as a top breed for bird hunting. English Setters are courageous and take new situations and people in stride. With their elegant profile and soft expression, English Setters have a gentlemanly quality. They are graceful, strong, and swift in movement, and always alert in the field or at play. English Setters see everyone as a friend, so they don't feel compelled to protect themselves or their people. Their favorite things are playing, exercising, and relaxing with their people.

Children & Grief

Grieving children may not want to talk about their feelings with adults. We hope Finnegan can give kids someone to talk to and comfort them during an emotional and confusing time. He can also be there for a companion that can be relaxing for everyone.

If you'd like to learn more about this service you can listen to this podcast episode, where we explain in more detail how Finnegan helps in processing grief and healing.


Finnegan is a free service and resource available to ALL families and the community.
Upon request, Finnegan can help greet guests at gatherings, offer comfort and a calming effect for children. Visiting someone away from the funeral home? No problem. Finnegan loves going places.

For more information, please call the funeral home.

We are hoping that Finnegan can help bring some comfort to those experiencing grief by easing some pain, putting a smile on your face, or joy in your heart even if it’s just for a moment.

We help families plan a fitting tribute to honor their loved ones.