The Story of the O’Connell Family Ring

The Claddagh

To the people of Ireland, there is no symbol that represents love in a more meaningful way than the Claddagh. Worn as a romantic ring or friendship ring, it means, “In Love and Friendship, Let Us Reign.”

The three branches of the rings include the heart, hands, and crown. The heart symbolizes love, the hands friendship, and the crown loyalty. The O’Connells strive to pay tribute to these attributes when we celebrate a life lived.
Michael O’Connell received his ring as a gift from his wife on their first anniversary. After researching the history of the ring and considering his own Irish roots, he decided to adopt it as the symbol for his unique style of funeral services.
At an O’Connell Funeral, we celebrate the love that we shared, the friends we made along the way, and our never-ending loyalty to each other.