Funeral Personalization

Funeral Personalization to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One

Customize a fitting tribute that reflects the life and passions of your loved one. The service can embody the life of the person being remembered. Personalization can help ease the pain of those suffering this loss. 

A funeral can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Sharing memories with others can be as simple as playing a special song or telling a personal story. It might also involve displaying photos or items from a favorite hobby. 

When a loved one passes, their life should be celebrated. The impact that they had on those around them should be remembered at the funeral. A slide show of various pictures throughout their life can be viewed by those in attendance. This can help loved ones enjoy and remember the wonderful moments of their life.

Various other options can be explored to ensure the service shows the life and spirit of the loved one. Personal items, such as clothing, uniforms, or other mementos that meant a lot to the loved one, can be displayed to allow guests to experience their joys and accomplishments. Special food or certain attire for guests can help make the event more personal.

In addition to these various options, take away items can be given out to those in attendance. Items, such as ribbons, pins or bookmarks, can be kept as a tangible memory of the person being celebrated. Friends and family can sign a specialized casket. This can allow guests to say their goodbyes or express the feelings they have for their loved one.

Transportation to the cemetery can also be customized to suit the wishes of the loved one. In addition, the service at the grave site can also be customized to provide a meaningful send off for the loved one.

Each and every person is different from the next. Their life and passions created a unique being that touches the lives of everyone around them. Just as their life was unique, their funeral should express everything about them. For more information about celebrating a loved one’s life, contact us. Our staff will work with you to help plan a funeral, memorial service, or gathering that reflects your family’s wishes, and honors and captures the spirit of the person who was so special to you.