Words that capture your loved one

Nobody wants to think about writing an obituary for a loved one, especially in the midst of grief. O’Connell Family Funeral Homes seeks to help our clients celebrate their loved ones in a way that assists with healing and honors their loved one’s precious life. Here are some of our best tips for easing this […]

What age should you plan your funeral?

We get it. Planning your funeral may seem morbid or unnecessary, especially if you’re not facing any significant health problems, are young in age, or young at heart. Planning is not about age, it’s about emotions. It helps create a process to your achieved goal; your funeral or memorial gathering. Your preferences may seem like awkward […]

Put the “you” in eulogy – write your own!

Yes, you read that title right. While writing your own eulogy may seem, at best, slightly pessimistic and, at worst, slightly narcissistic, it’s actually a really good idea. Although we all hope that we have many more days ahead of us, tragedies happen. Writing your own eulogy can help you reflect on your life and […]

Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Remembering your mom on Mother’s Day can be a moment of great joy and much appreciation. But it can also be a moment of intense sadness if you can’t share this day with your mom.  May is a time of warmer weather, plants emerging from their hiding place, the smell of lilacs, as well as […]

Flowers for funerals – new podcast!

Listen to our latest Good Grief podcast, where we talk to Shelli Erck, from Hudson Flower Shop, about the history behind the use of funeral flowers, their significance in funeral services, things we should consider when picking flowers, and many other interesting topics.       Hudson Flower Shop  

Pre-planning a funeral: what to know

Many people approach the subject of funeral pre-planning with hesitation and apprehension. Raising the topic of your own death or that of a loved one can be extremely uncomfortable. While it’s tempting to put off funeral planning until it’s absolutely necessary, doing so early is a wonderful opportunity to relieve future stress from your loved […]

Should I donate my body to science? – new podcast

Listen to our latest Good Grief podcast, where we talk about the specifics of body donation, such as the different types of body donation, how the process unfolds,  if we can choose where our body is going to be used for, etc.  Please share this with a friend that you think would benefit from it. 

A bucket list PDF download for you

When it comes to our health and wellness, sometimes we get stuck in a routine that might not always be the best for us. We care about you and want you to make healthy choices, so we put together a bucket list of ideas for you to inspire you. 1. Download the PDF 2. Print […]

What will your legacy be?

What will your legacy be? Most of the time, legacies are thought of positively. The CEO that left her family millions or the grandfather that donated his farmland to a park. Sadly, legacies can be far from positive. What about that neighbor who was always yelling with a scowl on his face? They didn’t set […]

Grief & the holidays meditation series

Thank you to everyone who joined us at O’Connell Family Funeral Homes for this guided meditation series, lead by Chantal Doriott of Mindful Way Coaching. We’d like to provide you with access to these resources throughout the month so you could do these meditations each day if you wish. Sadness during the holidays Easing Grief […]

Hospice care and end of life decisions with Kate Garza, a social worker at Moments Hospice

Listen to our latest Good Grief podcast where we talk to our guest Kate Garza, social worker at Moments Hospice, about the specifics regarding hospice care. Resources mentioned in this podcast: 12 questions for the holidays (free PDF): 5-days of grief & the holidays (free meditation video series): Moments Hospice – (763)-205-3600 Moments Hospice serves […]